Around the year 2000, many people were growing concerned about the trade in ‘blood diamonds’ or ‘conflict diamonds’. These are the raw precious stones mined in places without a strong and stable government, often in war zones and usually under terrible working conditions. They were sold to raise funds to by arms and exert violent control over areas of the country the mine was located in. Shockingly, many conflict diamonds were finding their way to the major gem trading centres of Europe and being sold in jewellery all over the world. Unknowingly, many people contributing to this dark trade and the often terrible results.

The Kimberley Process arose out of the global campaign to end the trade in blood diamonds. It was set out in South Africa (whose Kimberley diamond region gave it a name) in May 2000, and involved governments, industry bodies, and many other non-government organizations with an interest in the trade. The clear aim was to end the trade in conflict diamonds once and for all.

We’re pleased to say that the Kimberley Process (and later legislation and industry regulation on the same topic) has been extremely successful. Now, in 2010, the diamond trade has changed at a fundamental level. No diamond wedding rings or other jewellery bought or sold in the European Union can contain any diamonds that are not certified to be conflict-free. Every single stone in our range has a known provenance and with every purchase we provide documentation and certificates to that effect. Marlow’s Certified Diamonds are ethical diamonds, responsibly sourced.

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